Profile of Prof N K Mukherji, Vice Chairman CSV

Prof. Nishi Kant Mukerji, often called with Prof with affection, joined the Centre of Science for Villages as a Senior Scientist in ----------. He is now the Vice Chairman of the CSV in Wardha, and is assisting in its growth and survival with complete commitment to the Gandhian values on which it is founded.

Before joining the Centre Prof had a career in Academics also. He was the Director of the MBA Program in The Asian Institute Of Management, and also taught full time in the flagship MBA Program. The subjects he taught included Business Policy and Strategy, Marketing, and Finance.

Many years earlier he was a student in the Asian Institute Of Management, and graduated from there as a Valedictorian "With Distinction". He has learnt with the legendary Prof. Gabino Mendoza, Prof. James Austin, and Prof. E. Sevilla who were his thesis guides.

Prof. Mukerji has also had a noteworthy career in the Corporate World. He was the Special Assistant to the Chairman of ITC the late Mr. JN Sapru, and he has worked directly with the Chairman of the Oberoi Group Mr. PRS Oberoi. Apart from working in India Prof. Mukerji has worked at the Top Management level with corporations in the US, Europe, and in East Asia and Japan; where he undertook a study tour with a colleague Dr. Mari Kondo. They were writing a series of cases on Asian Management Systems, and Japan was a core interest area.

Now Prof spends his time working with the Centre of Science in Villages, and is the MD of a Not For Profit organisation which he and his colleagues have established in the wilds of Central India, called the Tiger Center.

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